Winter 2020 Sign Ups Now Open!

Winter 2020 Sign ups Now Open!

Camp Festival's Winter 2020 Offerings Are Better Than Ever

22 December - 3 January

Film Making

At our filmmaking and vlogging camp, our campers use the same tools that the professionals use in Hollywood to produce their own films! They will have access to tools like a professional camera, a green screen, and pro software to document their imagination.

Arts & Crafts

We all remember making Batman masks as children. Why not take that a step further and make more cool things like your very own foosball table, or a bag with a secret compartment (sshh don’t tell anyone!)


Coding is the language of the 21st century. Just like reading and writing were the most important skills of the last 100 years, coding is shaping up to be the most important skill of the next 100 years.
In this camp, campers will learn the basics of programming and programming structures, which will teach them about logic, branching thought, systematic thinking and more


In this camp our campers learn to make bread and cookies with whatever flavors they like.
Chocolate bread, banana bread, long bread, short bread, braided bread, all bread! Our campers get to create a completely different product every time they choose this camp. No two visits to this camp will be alike!

Gaming Lounge

Many dream to enter the gaming lounge, but few actually do! Our gaming lounge is equipped with a ton of fun board games and video games. Good campers are allowed entry into this awesome world to hangout with their friends and play.


Our campers have a large variety of sports and physical activities to choose from. They range from soccer, basketball and badminton, to lighter activities like yoga or a nice stroll and chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Camp Festival is a day camp that prides itself on the variety of topics our campers can learn and enjoy. Each Camp Festival contains multiple camps that run simultaneously, which our campers can join at any time. So you get access to multiple camps for the price one. Now, that’s a steal.
With your registration to Camp Festival, you get:
  • Access to all our camps at any time (they all take place in the same building)
  • Lunch
  • Access all day (from 9AM to 3PM)
Literally whatever they have the curiosity and dedication for. We’re not a school; We don’t teach our campers facts and then tell them they’ll be useful later. We approach things the other way around. Our campers layout a vision they’d like to achieve (like film a sitcom in filmmaking camp), and our counselors gently guide them in the process, making sure they remain engaged, creatively fulfilled,  and intellectually stimulated.
If there’s one thing we emphasize in our camps: It’s freedom. The freedom to be who you are, the freedom to explore, the freedom to express yourself creatively and the freedom to slam that pie into your favorite counselor’s face.
Where do we begin! All our staff must pass the fun test. When they’re being trained and interviewed, we make sure they’re all able to have fun at the drop of the hat.
We also make sure all our staff are incredibly tolerant, patient, compassionate and that they love kids. Trust us, if you met our staff you’d want to come to camp, too.
All campers between 5-13 are welcome to join our camp!


Camp is from 9AM to 3PM everyday. You may bring your child at any time, and pick them up at any time.
This year’s Winter 2020 camp in Doha will take place in Newton International School – Lagoon Campus.
Camp costs 990QR/Week.
We do have discounts for multi-week registrations and siblings. Please contact our staff to learn more.
We will most likely give you a call to confirm your child’s medical data. But other than that, you’re good to go!
It would also be a good idea to contemplate what a good decision you’ve made signing your child up for Camp Festival. But that’s up to you.
Nothing is required. If they’re going to be doing a lot of sports, it wouldn’t hurt to pack them a change of clothes. A lot of campers also bring in props with them (like ingredients for breadmaking or acting props for filmmaking), that’s alright too.
Please don’t bring anything expensive. Our days are filled with a lot of adventure and excitement and there is a possibility that things will get lost.
NOTHING! Lunch is included in your registration fee.
This pot just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.
Sure thing. Just give us a call and we’ll make the switch. (Subject to availability)
We’re happy to refund your full amount (minus bank fees) no fewer than 7 days before camp starts.


For Winter 2020, we’re running the following camps:
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Cooking and Breadmaking
  • Coding
  • Electronics
  • Film Making
  • Sports
  • Board Games
We stick to a 1:5 ratio (sometimes better). There’s plenty of staff on site to make sure that all our campers are safe and enjoying their time!
There’s no easy way to say this: We don’t have a typical day. There’s no schedule. Our campers are free to go to any camp they like, at any time they like. They could potentially spend 30 minutes at sports camp, and then 7 hours at filmmaking camp. That way they would never get bored. The only constant is that every day is incredibly fun (for staff, too).
Our camps are segmented by interest. So if you’re child feels like doing baking right now, he’ll be with all the other campers who feel like doing baking right now, too! (What better way to make friends than to share common interests?)
We try to cater to all campers! However, there are certain laws and regulations that we have to abide by. To make sure if Camp Festival is right for your child, give us a call and we’ll talk about it!

Registration is now open!

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