What exactly is Camp Festival?

Camp Festival is a day camp that prides itself on the variety of topics our campers can learn and enjoy. Each Camp Festival contains multiple camps that run simultaneously, which our campers can join at any time. So you get access to multiple camps for the price one. Now, that’s a steal.

What is included in the registration?

With your registration to Camp Festival, you get:

  • Access to all our camps at any time (they all take place in the same building)
  • Lunch
  • Extended Early Care
  • Extended After Care

What will my child learn/do at X camp?

Literally whatever they have the curiosity and dedication for. We’re not a school; We don’t teach our campers facts and then tell them they’ll be useful later. We approach things the other way around. Our campers layout a vision they’d like to achieve (like film a sitcom in filmmaking camp), and our counselors gently guide them in the process, making sure they remain engaged, creatively fulfilled,  and intellectually stimulated.

What do you emphasize at Camp Festival?

If there’s one thing we emphasize in our camps: It’s freedom. The freedom to be who you are, the freedom to explore, the freedom to express yourself creatively and the freedom to slam that pie into your favorite counselor’s face.

What can you tell me about your staff?

Where do we begin! All our staff must pass the fun test. When they’re being trained and interviewed, we make sure they’re all able to have fun at the drop of the hat.

We also make sure all our staff are incredibly tolerant, patient, compassionate and that they love kids. Trust us, if you met our staff you’d want to come to camp, too.

How old are the campers at your Camp Festival?

All campers between 5-13 are welcome to join our camp!

When does Camp Festival take place?

Camp Festival takes place during the summer holidays. We’re considering running camp during the winter and spring holidays as well. If that’s something you’re interested in please let us know!



How do I register my child for camp?

To register a camper, just visit our registration page.

What are camp hours?

Early care is included.

After care is included.

Camp is from 8AM to 6PM everyday. You may bring your child at any time, and pick them up at any time. Early care and after care are BOTH included in your price!

Where do your camps take place?

Our camps usually take place in the most prestigious school in your area. Please check our locations to see where we’re located in your area.

What dates are you running this year?

We’re running for six weeks this year! 8th of July to 16th of August.

How much does camp cost?

Pricing varies by location. Please check your location’s page for more details.

Is there anything I need to do between registering and the first day of camp?

We will most likely give you a call to confirm your child’s medical data. But other than that, you’re good to go!

It would also be a good idea to contemplate what a good decision you’ve made signing your child up for Camp Festival. But that’s up to you.

What does my child need to bring with them?

Other than lunch, pretty much nothing. If they’re going to be doing a lot of sports, it wouldn’t hurt to pack them a change of clothes. A lot of campers also bring in props with them (like ingredients for breadmaking or acting props for filmmaking), that’s alright too.

Please don’t bring anything expensive. Our days are filled with a lot of adventure and excitement and there is a possibility that things will get lost.

What should I pack for lunch?

NOTHING! Lunch is included in your registration fee.

This pot just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.

What discounts do you offer?

We have a SUPER EARLY BIRD discount which is $200 off! This one is valid until April 7th. Just use coupon code SUBUSA19 at checkout.

We then have our regular early bird discount which is $100 off, this one is valid until April 21st. Use coupon code UBUSA19 at checkout!

We’ve also partnered with various local schools and retailers to offer other discounts. Ask your school if they have a Camp Festival discount. If they don’t, just send them our way and we’ll be happy to work out a deal.

We also have discounts for parents registering for more than two weeks. Registering two children for one week each counts as two weeks. We add up the total number of weeks when calculating the discount offered. A coupon code will be displayed on the checkout page if you qualify.

Can I change which week my child is attending?

Sure thing. Just give us a call and we’ll make the switch. (Subject to availability)

What's your refund policy?

We’re happy to refund your full amount (minus bank fees) no fewer than 30 days before camp starts.



What camps are you running this year?

For summer 2019, we’re running the following camps:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Breadmaking
  • Coding/Robotics
  • Film Making
  • Sports
  • Board Games

What's your staff to camper ratio?

We stick to a 1:5 ratio (sometimes better). There’s plenty of staff on site to make sure that all our campers are safe and enjoying their time!

What is the typical day like?

There’s no easy way to say this: We don’t have a typical day. There’s no schedule. Our campers are free to go to any camp they like, at any time they like. They could potentially spend 30 minutes at sports camp, and then 7 hours at filmmaking camp. That way they would never get bored. The only constant is that every day is incredibly fun (for staff, too).

Are your camps segmented by age?

Our camps are segmented by interest. So if you’re child feels like doing baking right now, he’ll be with all the other campers who feel like doing baking right now, too! (What better way to make friends than to share common interests?)

Do you serve campers with special needs?

We try to cater to all campers! However, there are certain laws and regulations that we have to abide by. To make sure if Camp Festival is right for your child, give us a call and we’ll talk about it!



What if my child has certain dietary or medical requirements?

Please make sure to note that in your registration form so that we know about it! We’ll ask you on site to make sure. Some states also mandate that parents fill out a state provided medical form.

If your child needs certain medications to be administered at camp, they will be maintained and administered by our on-site nurse.

Can I get a site tour before camp?

Of course. Just visit your location’s page and see when the next tour is.

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